Basic Dog Obedience Class

* Offered to dogs 4 1/2 months and older, no prerequisite training required.

Dog Obedience Class in Nanuet NY In small group classes you and your dog will build a bond that will last for life as he learns to: walk on leash without pulling; stay with distractions such as balls rolling by; ignore an object such as a chicken bone in the street; come when called in spite of distractions such as other dogs; release things he has in his mouth when you ask, and more……

Also discussed are common behavior problems such as jumping, chewing on inappropriate objects, stealing objects, and other topics of interest to the class.

The cost for a 7 week Basic Obedience class is $210.

BEST OF BASIC PACKAGE – Dogs more than 4 1/2 months old – $330 (savings of $40)

This discounted package is a combination of 2 private sessions and our 7 week Basic Obedience class. It provides the best of both approaches at a discount.  In the private sessions, we will give you the extra help that you may need with unwanted behaviors and with the skills you are learning in class.  We also show you how to apply the exercises you have learned in class at life at home and outside in the real world.

Also see Private Sessions.

Note:  A clicker may be used if preferred by the client.

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