Canine Body Language – To Hug or Not To Hug

Dog do not naturally like to be hugged. Some learn to enjoy it because of the relationship that we build with them, and they just want to be touched. Others find it constraining and will only tolerate being hugged by their families, but not enjoy it. A dog may tolerate or enjoy a hug from… Read more »

Canine Body Language – The Windblown Look

Many dogs look like eveything is being blown back when they are uncomfortable. It almost looks like a fan is blowing their features back. Head is back, ears are back, eyes are worried looking. These dogs are clearly concerned. Look at this dog.  In the large picture, he is calm and relaxed…….happy.  The smaller insert… Read more »

Canine Body Language – A Tale of Tails

We mentioned that dogs signal how they are feeling in many ways.  In order to really understand what your dog is trying to tell you, you must look at various parts of the dog’s body. Today we will look at tails.  There is an old saying that if a dog is wagging his/her tail, the… Read more »

Canine Body Language – The Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. We can learn a great deal about how a dog is feeling by looking at the eyes. Soft relaxed eyes and a relaxed body indicate a calm, happy dog. Hard eyes, hard stare are a threat. You can see worry in a dog’s eyes. Whale… Read more »

Winter Safety Tips for your Pets

“Oh, the weather outside is delightful but soon it will be frightful!” Although it has been warm lately, the winter weather will soon be here and taking it’s toll on all of us. When preparing for the cold winter months, don’t forget to think about your pets. They too are in need of special treatment… Read more »

Canine Body Language – Distressed Dogs

Yesterday we looked at happy dogs. Most people can also recognize dogs that are in real distress. These are pictures of dogs pushed beyond their level of tolerance. They feel the need to protect themselves. Typically dogs that are this distressed have already been warning us that they are uncomfortable and the signals have been… Read more »

Canine Body Language – Happy Dogs

Dogs tell us many things with their body language. We are starting a blog series and will look at what dogs are communicating as we look at their body language. You should be able to look at your dog’s body language and tell how s/he is feeling.  Dogs so often are signaling to us that… Read more »

It’s not just SIT

Did you know teaching your dog to sit can be more valuable than  just teaching your dog to sit? It is the building block for more to come. Sit is one of the first and easiest things we teach our dogs. If you think about it as a foundation behavior and use it in the… Read more »

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