Behavior Problem Consultations

*Offered to dogs of any age, no prerequisite training required.

Over 5 Million dogs are euthanized each year because of behavior problems. There are some behaviors that are normal for dogs but may not be appropriate for life with the family.

Dog Behavior AdjustmentThen, there are behaviors that are not normal dog responses, such as aggression, that must be dealt with appropriately to ensure that the dog can live successfully and happily within the family.

Find out why your dog behaves the way he does and get guidance on what to do about it. Focused on addressing unacceptable or inappropriate behavior, this private consultation focuses on such behaviors as:

  • aggression
  • anxiety and phobias
  • reactive or aggressive on leash

Because these issues are so specific to each dog, please contact us to discuss the behavior and cost.

Note:  A clicker may be used if preferred by the client.

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