Intermediate & Advanced Classes


*Prerequisite: Basic Manners.

For the dog who is already proficient in basic skills, this program focuses on fine tuning and making your dog more reliable at a distance and with distractions. These include: further improving leash walking skills; proofing stay and wait in much more distracting environments; coming when called with other dogs moving around; greeting people or a dog politely. Upon graduation, your dog can be tested for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.

The cost for this class is $220, which includes one private session in our training room and 4 weeks of group class.


This is a more advanced class that works on focus and engagement games, working toward the off leash training that we all wish we had.

Dog Obedience Class

The cost for this 5 week class is $195

Also see Private Sessions and Discounted Packages.

Note: A clicker may be used if preferred by the client.

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