Therapy Dog Training Class


* Dog must be 1 year old by the end of the program.

Clinical studies have proven that animals have the power to help people heal.  Simply petting, touching or talking to animals can improve physical health and emotional well-being.  You and your dog can have a dramatic impact on the lives of people in any health care setting, such as:

Therapy dog greeting the elderly

          • Schools and librariesKizzy in READ
          • Assisted living centers
          • Nursing homes
          • Hospitals and psychiatric centers
          • Military Installations


This program will prepare you and your dog for therapy dog work.  Your dog will learn the skills required for visiting and you will develop your handling skills and learn what you need to do with your dog when visiting.

The class ends with the opportunity to take the AKC Canine Good Therapy Dog Jessie, meets with veteran soldiersCitizen Test and the Therapy Dog Incorporated handling test.  Once your team (you and your dog) pass the test, three observation visits to a public institution are required before you can register as a therapy dog team and begin to visit local institutions.

This program is helpful even if you don’t want to get your dog registered as a therapy dog. The class will help your dog develop into a well-behaved dog when visiting with people in any environment.

The total cost is $225.

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